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Hill Country Memorial



About Us

Three core strengths help fulfill the health care needs of Hill Country patients: a supportive community, quality patient care and a Spirit of Calling. We serve many visitors to the Hill Country. They come from all parts of the world, and we often hear positive feedback. While our inpatient satisfaction rating consistently ranks in the top 10 percent of all hospitals in the United States, we're striving to raise the bar. Our mission is Remarkable Always! Our vision is Empower Others, Create Healthy.

A Tradition of Excellence
The overwhelming drive to improve and be the best originates from an auspicious heritage.

HCM opened in 1971, and ninety-three percent of Gillespie County households contributed to have it built. The roots of this extraordinary achievement are found in the small, Hill Country town of Fredericksburg in which original settlers were called to give of their time, treasure and talents to serve others. Today, hospital employees, physicians and volunteers reflect diverse backgrounds, but the principal motivation of doing worthwhile work and making a difference is a thriving inheritance. The health care result is an organization which exceeds patient needs and helps fulfill community goals. As Fredericksburg has grown in population and world-wide recognition, the hospital has paralleled the rise by broadening available service lines, improving quality, continuing to recruit great physicians and adapting to health care trends.

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