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Killdeer Mountain Mfg.

Killdeer Mountain Mfg.

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About Us

Don Hedger, the founder of Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing, a Tier 1 manufacturing company with three southwest North Dakota locations, has been dedicated to creating job opportunities in Western North Dakota since 1987. KMM is a leading manufacturer of electronic components for the military and aerospace industries.

Create and sustain a meaningful, empowering, and safe work environment that encourages individual ownership to continually improve one’s work while doing the work.

Develop a company-wide environment that promotes the development of an attitude of excellence that satisfies supplier, co-worker, and customer needs the first time.

Commercial and Military Cables
KMM cable assemblies incorporate first-rate materials to meet precise electrical, mechanical, and environmental requirements. KMM’s cables are designed for high-grade
Circuit Card Assembly
Top approved supplier to the military industry with full ITAR compliance KMM’s Circuit Card Assembly delivers high-grade electronic circuit card systems complete
Fiber Optics Technology
KMM has experience producing Fiber Optic bundles on programs/customers such as Boeing Wichita’s 767-GTTA, Lockheed Martin U-2, Seyers, Southwest

Commitment to a Quality Product
Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing’s Quality Management System complies with the latest aerospace industry standards.


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