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San Carlos Ranch


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San Carlos Ranch
We offer the following facilities if you want a trip of pleasure, rest, relaxation or a hunting experience…. We offer a wide variety of species of livestock for anyone’s hunting adventure. If you’re looking for a place to get away to rest and relax, San Carlos is the place. One of our guides can also escort you on a tour of the interior of the ranch, so you may take in the beautiful landscapes and admire the different animals. For more information, contact us at (956)763-8973 or (956) 725-8807
The ranch is located in Hunt, Texas. We offer premier hunting experiences on 10,000 acres of land, indigenous and exotic hunting and breathtaking views. Call us today to book your hunt! Corporate and management hunts also available.
Species available: Pere David, White Tail, Axis, Fallow, Elk, Red Stagg, Hog Deer, Sika, Mouflon, Aoudad, Texas Dall, Oryx, Addax, Lechwee, Blesbok, Blackbuck, Nilgai, Sable Antelope, Gemsbok, Water Buffalo, Bison, Spanish Fighting Bull, Banteng, Watusi, Catalina Goat, Ibex, Hogs and Turkey



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