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Stretch Zone


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About Us

Stretch Zone offers an individualized service referred to as practitioner assisted stretching. Clients lay on comfortable tables while a practitioner uses our patented protocol and strapping system to create the best stretching experience around! Gentle, nervous system based, backed by science, we're taking stretching to a whole new level.

Most stretching methodologies try to wait out, overpower, trick, or ignore the stretch reflex. The proven way to increase performance and mobility is to work with the stretch reflex with the revolutionary techniques available through the Stretch Zone® Methodology (SZM). The SZM Practitioner identifies any postural and movement limitations, then tries to correct or mitigate them through specific applied stretching sessions. With a balanced system the customer will reach their true maximum potential, whether they are an professional athlete, weekend warrior, couch potato, or suffering from chronic pain or illness.


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